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Welcome to the world of "Motion Alert Audio," the revolutionary app that turns your mobile device into a personalized notification center, making your smart home even safer and more responsive.

Why Choose Motion Alert Audio?

With "Motion Alert Audio," any movement detected by sensors or any light turning on is immediately communicated to your device with a customizable audio alert. Whether you are in another room or on a different floor of the house, you will always be the first to know if there is movement or if a light has turned on, ensuring unparalleled security.

Exclusive Features:

Immediate Notifications: Never miss an alert. With Motion Alert Audio, you will always be informed in real time. Black Screen Mode: Ideal for undisturbed nights or to keep your device's brightness profile low during use. Timed Volume Off: Disable the audio when necessary and allow it to automatically reactivate after a set time. Easy Setup: Just one tap on the bridge to connect the app and start receiving notifications.

Security and Privacy:

Your privacy is our priority. Motion Alert Audio operates exclusively within the same WiFi network as your bridge and does not alter the settings of your devices, operating in read-only mode.

Who is Motion Alert Audio For?

Homeowners: Keep your home secure and monitor rooms when you're not present. Shops: Receive immediate notifications if someone enters your commercial space. Technology Enthusiasts: Maximize your lighting system and transform your home into an even smarter environment.

Easy and Fast Installation:

Download "Motion Alert Audio" from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, follow the instructions for quick connection, and start enjoying a safer and more connected home.


To ensure optimal functioning of Motion Alert Audio, please ensure you meet the following requirements: • Network Connection: Your mobile device must be connected to the same WiFi network as the bridge to allow direct communication. • Active App: To receive real-time updates from lights and sensors, the app must remain open and actively in use on your device.


• Compatible with iOS devices version 12.0 or higher and Android 9.0 or higher. • Requires a bridge. • Requires a bulb or sensor.

Set Up the App with Your Bridge

Follow these simple steps to connect the Motion Alert Audio app to your bridge: 1. Bridge Search: Upon the app's initial launch, it will automatically search for bridges available on your WiFi network. A list of detected bridges will be displayed. 2. Bridge Connection: Next to each bridge in the list, you will find a "Connect" button. Press this button on the bridge you wish to connect to. 3. Bridge Confirmation: After pressing "Connect" in the app, you will be asked to press the physical button located on the top of the bridge. It is crucial to perform this action within 29 seconds of selecting the "Connect" button to ensure a secure connection. Make sure to complete these steps for a smooth setup and to start enjoying the features of Motion Alert Audio right away.
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Monitor Lights and Sensors

The main screen of Motion Alert Audio is designed to provide you with complete and immediate control over your lighting system and sensors. Here’s how it is organized: 1. Bridge Section: • Connection Management: Use this feature to disconnect from the bridge when necessary. • Black Screen Mode: Activate this mode to reduce your device’s brightness during nighttime use or to minimize distractions. • Volume Settings: Adjust the sound alert volume for each device, choosing between activated or muted modes. 2. Latest Audio Played: • Here, you can view a log of the latest detected events, such as movements or lights turning on, with the exact time of each event. 3. Devices Under Control: • Device List: View a list of devices currently monitored by the app. • Room and Device Filter: Use the funnel icon to access a tool that allows you to view and select specific rooms and devices to monitor. This interface is designed to make the management of your smart home's security simple and intuitive, ensuring you are always updated on relevant activities.
Associa Motion Alert Audio al bridge Associa Motion Alert Audio al bridge

Configure Audio and Color for Each Light or Sensor

Customize your notification experience to perfectly match your preferences. Here’s how you can set up audio and color for each connected light and sensor: 1. Audio Notification Modifications: • Audio Selection: Tap on the desired device on the monitor to open a selection window. Here, you can choose a sound from the app's integrated library, which includes categories such as timers, alarms, animals, music, and more. • Audio Customization: You also have the option to upload a custom audio file from your device, allowing you to use any sound of your choice. 2. Color Selection: • Tap the color square next to the selected device to open the color palette. From here, you can choose the color you prefer for the light notification when a sensor detects movement or a light is turned on. Data Privacy: • All customizations and configurations are saved locally on your device and are never transferred or saved on online servers, ensuring your privacy. With these options, you can make the notification system not only useful but also enjoyable and in line with your personal style.
Associa Motion Alert Audio al bridge Associa Motion Alert Audio al bridge


Motion Alert Audio is an independent application designed to integrate with the Philips Hue lighting system. Note: This app requires a configured Philips Hue bridge to function properly. Motion Alert Audio is not affiliated with Philips Hue or its affiliated companies.

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